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Have you ever questioned how exceptionally effective individuals get so much done in a day? With phone calls, emails, texts, social media, etc. , it's hard to stay focused, however it can be done.  In Bruna Martinuzzi's post "12 Performance Tips From Extremely Hectic People" on dailygood. org, bestselling author and motivational speaker, Brian Tracy, states that one of the keys to success works time management.  (The other is constant knowing hxxp: leaf. halfmoon. jp/userinfo. php?uid=1036888  ) Extremely efficient, successful people are usually very busy, but they discipline themselves to stay concentrated on what matters. 
Here are a long time management methods from Martinuzzi and other sources to assist you work more effectively and even restore some downtime back. 
Focus on remaining focused.  Focus and concentration doesn't come naturally for many individuals - it's a skill to be established, and you'll get better at it the more you do it.  One popular way to remain focused is to section your day into blocks of time for different jobs.  For instance, block out an hour early in the morning to inspect and respond to e-mails.  Then block out the next hour to get workplace jobs done.  Be specific about what you want to accomplish, and set a clock or timer for a specific amount of time to do it in. 
The Pomodoro Method ® is a time management technique produced by Italian Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s.  When Cirillo was studying at university, he struggled with attempting to complete his school jobs and stop losing time.  He saw a kitchen timer shaped like a red tomato, and started setting the timer in 25 minute increments.  He called each 25-minute session a "pomodoro. ". 
Cirillo saw that when he segmented his projects into 25 minute intervals - and understood that the timer was ticking - he was much better able to stay focused and on task.  He refined The Pomodoro Method ®, and now travels the world teaching it to people.  All you require is a timer, a pen and paper. 
Wake up previously.  Not remarkably, many effective CEOs begin their day before 6:00 a. m.  While the majority of us are shuffling to obtain our coffee, they have actually currently exercised, showered, and are in business mode.  Laura Vanderkam, author of the book, "What Successful Individuals Do Prior to Breakfast: A Short Guide To Making Over Your Early morning - And Life," suggests getting up just 15 minutes previously every day and slowly increasing the time. 
Minimize conference times.  Meetings can be substantial time drains.  Better to reduce conference times, and concentrate on high value jobs, such as finishing the real job.  Set limitations on meeting times, and think about cutting meeting times back 15 minutes to a half hour - it will require colleagues to get to the point quicker. 
Take advantage of technology.  There are numerous applications (apps) on the market developed to assist hectic individuals work more efficiently and block out interruptions.  Rescue Time is an app that operates on your computer and records how you spend your time, so you can make much better browsing decisions. 
Have a look at Dropbox to keep files online, Any Fulfilling to host a webinar, Basecamp for project management, Trello for keeping track of tasks and deadlines, and Hootsuite or Buffer to arrange your social media posts. 
For the social networks addicted, Get Concentrating is a brilliant app that will briefly block out social networks websites while you're aiming to get work done.  And to capture all your innovative concepts, download Evernote, a totally free app for recording and gathering concepts. 
Hire others to do it for you.  Another trait of successful people is they do not waste time on projects that aren't a priority and/or others can do.  Analyze how you invest your time, and if it deserves it, hire it out.  Think about hiring a cleaning company when a week, or automating your grocery shopping with websites such as Stop & Store's Peapod service or Amazon's Subscribe and Conserve.